What is gobot.chat

We are working connecting the built environment and the digital space.


A seamless journey experience

We are working on creating a independant platform for content delivery. Proving the right information and the right time for a seamless user-journey experience.

Our Mission

To develop a independant platform for a seamless user-first approach in wayfinding and information design.

Our Vision

Connecting the physical and digital world.

about us

A global team of researchers

We develop unique experiences and simple solutions for a complex world. Bringing together the physical and digital worlds by displaying user relevant information. We are reseachers and designers for wayfinding and information design. Our team consists of a network of design professionals.


Decentralized information network

Wayfinding As a service (WaaS) is a technology to show users information in their journey through the built environment. We are building a information network to distrbute information on any platform, time and place.

Borderless decentralized information network. Accurate information based on time and place.

Ownership over information and accessible for everbody, everthing and everywhere.

A decentralized information network protocol for wayfinding.

Network independant

Scalable, Fast and Ultra Secure Information

The concept is about the deliver a scalable, fast and ultra secure information network for wayfinding. A global distrubtion network of decentralized information focused at the end-user.

A global network of information to connect the phyical and digital world.

Focused at the end-user needs and requirements.

For everybody, everthing and everywhere.

Seamless wayfinding

A seamless user-journey wayfinding experience



Show the right information at the right time focused at the end-user.


Unique Features

A seamless plaform independant information network for wayfinding.


Global distrubtion

Decentralized network of information available for everybody, everything and everywhere.


Safe & Transparent

Complete, accurate and verifiable ownership of the information in the network.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common frequently asked questionshendrerit justo quisque quis rhoncus exeget semper semlamat lobortis velit estibulum ante.

What is wayfinding?

Wayfinding is a multidisciplinary design profession, combining cognitive behavior, information design and user experience.

What is seamless journey experience?

A unique and seamless user journey experience by showing the right information at the right time. Comprehensive and bespoke wayfinding for people to orientate, navigate and discover its surroundings.

What is Wayfinding As a Service (WaaS)?

Wayfinding as a service is user-first approach to wayfinding, combining the physical and digital world to show relevant information at the right time and place.

What is decentralized information network?

A decentralized information network stores information in a fast and secure way, accessible for everybody, everything and everywhere

What is the status of the project?

The idea started in 2018 and we are currently developing the platform in 2021.

When will the platform be ready?

We expect a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) in Q3 of 2021. Stay tuned for the latest developments.

Do you accept investments?

At the moment we accept pre-investments, please contact us for more information.

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